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Jayne Willetts

Solicitor Advocate

Jayne is the founder of specialist regulation practice Jayne Willetts & Co. As well as advising on compliance and disciplinary issues, she appears as an advocate before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal and in appeals to the Administrative Court. She serves as a member of the Solicitors Assistance Scheme as well as being a contributing editor to Cordery on Legal Services. She is also a member of the Law Society Regulatory Processes Committee.

Her qualification as a solicitor advocate in 1994 was the first by a woman solicitor for civil cases. In 2000, she was elected President of Birmingham Law Society and was the first woman to be appointed to that office since the Society was incorporated in 1818. She was also the first female Chairman of the Law Society Young Solicitors’ Group in 1990.

Jayne is Legal Adviser to the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists. She is also a director of Infolegal Ltd, the legal compliance and practice advice service for law firms Infolegal Limited is not regulated by the SRA or any other approved regulator.

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Matthew Moore

Solicitor Consultant


Matthew Moore has over 25 years’ experience of law firm management and compliance consultancy work. He is one of the longest serving trainers for CLT, and is a consultant solicitor with Jayne Willetts & Co as well as being a director of Infolegal Limited which provides compliance and practice advice service for law firms ( Infolegal Limited is not authorised or regulated by the SRA or any other approved regulator.

His areas of particular specialisation are risk, quality management and professional compliance issues, including the SRA Handbook and anti-money laundering programmes. He was for many years the principal trainer for the Law Society in its Lexcel scheme and was the author of four editions of the successful ‘Lexcel Office Procedures Manual’ (his last version having appeared in 2007). Matthew has since produced a revised Practice Manual guide ‘The Solicitor’s Office Procedures Manual’ with co-author Vicky Ling in in both law firm and sole practice versions ( Both publications have now been updated to address Lexcel v6 and the many other subsequent compliance changes and are available for download by Infolegal subscribers.. His other main publication – “Money Laundering Compliance for Solicitors” –  is currently being updated in the light of the Money Laundering Regulations 2017 which took effect earlier this year.

Matthew had a first career teaching law at a number of colleges in Essex and Devon. He then qualified and worked as a solicitor in Coventry and was subsequently appointed Co-ordinator, and then Marketing Director, of the then M5 Group (later NRM5) – an association of a number of leading commercial firms. His clients range from the largest City practices to sole practitioners.


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Bronwen Still

Solicitor Consultant

Bronwen Still worked for many years for the Law Society and the SRA. As head of the SRA’s Standards team, Bronwen played a significant role in the early drafting of the new SRA Handbook 2011 and was one of the authors of the initial Handbook consultation which was published in May 2010, setting out the SRA’s new outcomes-focused regulatory approach to regulation. She also undertook many workshops on this new regulatory approach as part of the SRA’s series of roadshows.

Bronwen left the SRA in 2010 to set up her own consultancy, providing training and regulatory consultancy services to law firms. She has presented many seminars, webinars, workshops and master classes on the SRA Handbook 2011. She advises firms on all aspects of compliance.

Since the SRA became a licensing body, she has advised and guided prospective ABSs through the complex process of applying for a licence.

Bronwen is the author, jointly with Tracey Calvert, of “Outcomes-Focused Regulation: Compliance in Practice”, and “COLP and COFA: Compliance in Practice” for the Ark Group and has recently written, also with Tracey Calvert, “Regulation and in-house lawyers – a compliance guide” which is to be published by the Law Society. She is also on the editorial team for the Law Society’s Legal Compliance Bulletin and is a contributor to “Cordery on Legal Services”.

Bronwen is also a director of Infolegal Limited the legal compliance and practice advice service for law firms Infolegal Limited is not regulated by the SRA or any other approved regulator.

Before joining the Law Society in the 1980s, Bronwen was a solicitor in private practice with a high street legal aid firm dealing with crime, divorce and conveyancing.